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Town of Summerville Tree Advisory Protection Committee

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Town of Summerville,

South Carolina

Tree Removal Permit Application

The Town of Summerville has had a Tree Protection Ordinance since the 1800's. The ordinance strives to protect the natural beauty of the Town and insure the adequate preservation of trees.

 All trees (regardless of species) six inches in diameter at breast height (DBH), including dead trees, require a permit from the Town of Summerville Planning Department to be removed.

The permit application may be approved at staff level per Ordinance or by the Tree Advisory Protection Committee.

A sketch and/or images of the location of the tree(s) in relation to any bldg. (house) at the address provided must be attached to the Tree Removal Permit Application.

After completing the application you will be prompted to attach the drawing and pay the $5 non-refundable application fee.

Disclaimer: Each tree to be removed must be clearly marked with tape, string or rope so that the Tree Committee will be able to locate and inspect the tree(s).

If the requester does not have anything to mark the tree(s) they should contact the Planning Department and tape will be provided.

Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. This permit allows staff to access the property listed above. Approved tree removal permits are valid for six months and must be picked up at Town Hall by the individual/company that is doing the tree work. 

‚ÄčThe Town of Summerville does not haul away trees. Hauling away of trees is the sole responsibility of the property owner and/or contractor.

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