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Town of Summerville Engineering Department

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Town of Summerville,

South Carolina

Encroachment Permit Application

By submitting this Encroachment Permit, I hereby requests the Town of Summerville to permit encroachment on the Town's right of way as described herein. 

It is expressly understood that the encroachment, if and when constructed, shall be installed in accordance with the sketch described above.  The applicant agrees to comply with allowing the Town to enter said encroachment for installation or maintenance of same. 

The applicant hereby further agrees, and binds his heirs, successors, assigns, to assume any and all liability the Town might otherwise have in connection with accidents or injuries to person, or damage to property that may be caused by the construction, maintenance, use, moving or removing, of the physical appurtenances contemplated herein and agrees to indemnify the Town for any liability incurred or injury or damage sustained by reason of the past, present, or future existence of said appurtenances. 

Approval of application does NOT mean you have approval of your neighborhood homeowner's association that may be needed.
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I acknowledge that I am authorized to complete this form, and am not acting on behalf of a third party.
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